We believe that there is always room for improvement in our products and services. For us, this is a commitment to provide more efficient and complex solutions. New innovative and efficient solutions enable our customers to improve their productivity and competitiveness in technologically demanding markets.

We are fully responsible towards our customers and their business activities in which we are involved in as a supplier. We believe in mutual cooperation and the creation of long-term partnerships.

We believe that new solutions can be brought about from a responsible partner who listens to and understands the defined requirements of the customer and who knows the issue. We create solutions that are based upon a mutual understanding and acknowledgment of customer needs.

I.K.S. facility services spol. s.r.o. - long-term administration and management of local electricity distribution systems, electricity and gas trade, advisory and consulting activities in the above segments

REC energy, s.r.o. - advisory and consulting services in the fields of electricity and gas trade, proposals for energy-saving measures in industrial enterprises, power plants, municipalities and cities

M - D - J, SPOL. s.r.o. - research and development of industrial robots, battery storage on the basis of LTO, Li-io, Li-Fe cells, hydrogen batteries. Development and implementation of management and optimization of SW products for heating plants and industrial production in general

Ing. Vladimír Brezáni33+ years of work experience in the power engineering industry, including preparation and implementation of hydroelectric power plants, cogeneration sources, trade in power electricity and support services, development of local energy distribution networks, advisory and consulting activities in all of these segments